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  1. Nice! I also have the 6D and I love it. Highly underrated for both photography and video in my opinion. I am a dad and take pictures of our 1 yr old baby girl and mommy. Videos too. I am also about to buy a Helios 44-2 58mm f/2. Question for you – what software filter(s) are used on your photos here on this post, and also, for your Vimeo videos did you use the 6D and what software filter(s) did you use? You have a look I’m attempting but can’t quite find it. Looks a little washed out/aged, and milky? Again, nice work!

    • Hi Matt,

      I am very pleased that you like my photos and videos. Yes, Canon 6d is a great DSLR for photo and video.

      For photos, I created my custom settings from Lightroom + VSCO (plugin) package#1

      For all of videos, I used 6d as well and created custom color grades settings from Adobe Premiere + filmconvert (plugin) .

      I hope this helps you.


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